Lab 2.0:     GEMM_small


Genetically Enhanced Medication Monitoring


  • GEMM_1_small – The first-of-its-kind Genetically Enhanced Medication Monitoring report that incorporates a comprehensive definitive Urine Drug Test (UDT) and Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Q/A Profile test.
  • PGx provides information on the patient’s drug metabolic pathways that may exhibit slow or rapid metabolism of +/- 200 pain, cardiac, psych and other common medications.
  • These differences may cause a parent compound, or its metabolites, not to appear on a patient’s UDT lab report leading to an inconsistent result, practitioner/patient conflict and, in some cases, expulsion of the patient from the practice.
  • In order to account for these metabolic differences, a one-time buccal swab obtained only during a patient’s first office visit is used to identify those prescribed medications, along with the patient’s inherited genetic differences, that may affect the results of their UDT.
  • The integration of a patient’s PGx results and UDT into a single GEMM_1_small report, provides the physician with a more complete set of data points, in order to determine the compliance of their patient and make important treatment related decisions.


Insight’s Proprietary GEMM_1_small Report

  • Insight uses a patient’s PGx results when generating each report to help determine medication adherence and patient compliance.
  • Insight’s new GEMM_1_small reporting capabilities allow Insight to provide physicians an accounting for those patients who:
    •  Cannot normally metabolize prescribed medication compared to the general population;
    •  Are rapid metabolizers and may clear the drug faster than the general population;
    •  May have altered opiate receptor genes preventing them from receiving full benefit of the prescribed drug.
  • The GEMM_1_small report provides a summary of the inconsistent results from the past three reports.

Other Labs’ Standard UDT Test Report



Other labs offer four potential outcomes with –NO- genetic data on their urine toxicology reports



Insight’s Proprietary GEMM_1_small Report


The GEMM_1_small  report has six potential outcomes, including the patient’s genetic metabolism profile for the prescribed meds.